Guided Coincidences

 In 1995 I started realizing I was having experiences and receiving information that seemed guided, rather than by random coincidence.  Some of my friends were having similar experiences and we freely talked about them.  I eventually coined the phrase “guided coincidences” to refer to things, experiences, or information that come to a person or group by divine intervention, or a power greater than themselves.  I’m talking about that gut feeling you get that helps you make an important decision or how perfect it was when you took a wrong turn and ran into someone you’ve been missing, or you found something you needed.  A higher power guided you in the right direction. 

Although I had “guided coincidences” 15 years ago, my husband and I were very busy raising 3 children.  I’d been diagnosed with MS 3 years before and we allowed things to get pretty noisy and chaotic in our lives!  I didn’t know anything about creating more “guided coincidences” and was thrilled whenever I had one.  I always prayed for healing; but my condition gradually declined for 15 years when my sister Julee recommended I call a nutritionist, Marie Reynolds, who happened to be intuitive as well. 

I’ve always approached my disease from an alternative stance.  Each new therapy helped for 6 months, and then I’d crash despite my good intention.  Talking with an intuitive nutritionist sounded like a great idea and she worked over the phone from 14 hours away.   Aside from squaring me away on supplements, she gave me some valuable advice! 

The first was a prayer:  Let me be open to your guidance, quiet my mind and let me experience your power.  Even over the phone, Marie noticed how noisy my life and mind were.  She went on to say, “Stillness is critical.  Spend ten minutes asking and spend twenty minutes listening, allowing the space.”   I also allow time to show gratitude for all my blessings.  No matter how dire a situation may seem, focusing on my blessings helps to put things in perspective and lifts me up!  

I was also encouraged by advice from Rev. Marty Newman, the Unity Church minister near our home.  She shared her healing experience, however she recommended more meditation and visualization throughout the day.  I was still pretty busy with my family and had no examples to follow, just great advice which I didn’t fully grasp amidst the noise.  I read a lot of books that came to me from others that knew I was searching for answers and took a Paranayama Yoga class to learn more about meditation.  Things gradually started to happen.  My biggest “guided coincidence” was right in front of me!

Over the course of a couple years my friendship grew with the wife of one of my husband’s friends.  Although Deb was spiritually more advanced than me, she noticed we had some similar beliefs and read some of the same books.  She took a chance and shared a book about her Meditation Group to get my reaction.  I loved it and couldn’t wait to start! 

My first meditaion session was in April 2010.  It was the most amazing experience of my life!   The generous sharing of the group has been invaluable to my spiritual growth!  Besides teaching me to meditate, they showed me how to get really quiet, the importance of meditation and how to use a pendulum to verify information we were getting during our sessions.  Now I can verify dreams and strong knowing that comes to me daily.  I can figure out what supplements my body needs and what foods can harm me!  When I struggle with a decision, I can pull out my pendulum for guidance.  I’ve never felt better and no longer need to sleep during the day! 

I think of all of the above contacts as “guided coincidences.”  They came to me at a time when I needed them most; my health was in serious trouble.  Many of you have heard the expression, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears!”  The nutritionist and the minister laid the foundation; but it wasn’t until my life got quiet, that God knew I was ready for the biggest “guided coincidence” of all.  That’s when He sent me my friend Deb, who shared her amazing friends from their meditation group.  Their generous, sharing examples have moved my spiritual enlightenment to levels I have not experienced in 59 years.  Now the “guided coincidences” happen frequently and my spiritual growth and perceptions are developing at warp speed.  The synergy of their group has taught me things I never could have learned from a book or a lecture.  I feel more connected to God and am most grateful to all my friends in our meditation group, my nutritionist, Marie and Rev. Marty, the Unity Church minister!

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About Me and My Blog

For the past 18 years I have been experiencing the slow deterioration of what doctors refer to as Progressive MS.  I wear all the usual hats that accompany families with families and I was the sole proprietor of C. Collins Interiors while my husband and I raised our three children.  I’ve always felt I would recover from my dis-ease, but it wasn’t until this year (2010) I started receiving verification and experiencing evidence of my healing.   

My blog is about my journey toward wellness.  I will post the exact dates that things happened so you will experience the evolution of my journey as it was revealed to me.

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